Coaching for individuals

in one-on-one sessions

Why personal coaching?

Because I am convinced that in order to create a better and sustainable society, the world needs people who are aligned with themselves, driven by their projects, connected to their own values and fully using their skills and talents, I have a mission to accompany individuals in their professional journeys.

My coaching style

My 10 years of experience as a corporate engineer have opened my eyes to the importance of well-being at work, while finding a balance with one's private life.

I coach individuals :

In their professional transition: choice of a profession, career change, skills assessment;
In their self-knowledge and personal development;
In their return to work after a burnout;
In time and stress management;
In conflict management;
In the development of their communication, leadership and assertiveness;
During the sessions, I use several different tools according to the needs and desires of my interlocutor. Among others, I carry out Insights Discovery profiles, based on the theory of Carl Jung.

How does a coaching session unfold?

A first telephone meeting is organized in order to get to know each other and to discuss the next step of the coaching. This first meeting is offered.

A coaching session generally lasts a few sessions (between 5 and 10 sessions). Each session lasts between 1 hour and 1h30.

I can receive you at my coaching office in Chaumont-Gistoux, and online (via zoom, skype or other, according to your preference).

Who I am ?

My name is Christelle Fraiteur. I'm an engineer, a coach and the CEO of Coach in Genious.

Passionate about technology and the business world, I worked for 10 years as an engineer in various companies and industries.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been fascinated by the human aspect of the work environment, its sources of stress and motivation, its behaviors and interactions. My experience has been enriched by the multiple profiles I have met: design engineers, project engineers, project managers, leaders, clients, contractors, secretaries, librarians, IT, trainers,...

In order to expand my knowledge and skills, in 2017-2018 I followed a coaching training within the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at PCC level. I am also an Insights Discovery practitioner.

My values are respect, openness, determination, autonomy, sharing.

A quality coaching that allowed me to make great strides on both a personal and professional level.
A tailor-made accompaniment made with a lot of professionalism, patience and generosity.
I highly recommend it.

Ettahi Hasna

I benefited from personal coaching by Christelle Fraiteur, whom I highly recommend to others. She has the listening skills and positive energy that helped me when I needed it! Coach in Genious is a natural and inventive extension of Christelle and Edouard's abilities.

Luc Chomé

Christelle accompanied me during my professional reorientation! Her kind and authentic guidance allowed me to identify my biggest fears and to free myself from them. Christelle perfectly embodies the professional posture of a coach and a lot of humanity at the same time! I highly recommend her!

Sandra Blum