We tested the team building solution "Coach in Genious" and it was a complete success. A relaxed and playful moment guaranteed.

Adrien Nowak - CEO - Team First

Really fun! Even better when a lot of people are involved. I played yesterday for the first time, but there will definitely be more opportunities! 5/5 deserved :)

Gianluca Fino

Very nice time spent in team playing several games of Loup-Garou 3D ! Very nice welcome and assistance throughout the game. What to spend a convivial and original moment between colleagues, and which changes a little of the more common activities like the escape games and the blind tests.

Elena Atienza - Reacfin

Thank you, Christelle, for this virtual Werewolf!
As we were unable to organize a live teambuilding, we opted for this remote solution.
Christelle listens, is organized and adapts to our needs.
We had a lot of fun and this event amply fulfilled our expectations: to have a great time, despite the miles that separate us.
I highly recommend her!

Lise Van Cutsem - Talent Officer - Tractebel ENGIE

I had the pleasure to experience the services of Christelle and her company Coachingenious during a digital team building. For us it was a 4.0 version of the famous game "Loup garou"!
The digital aspect strongly changes the way of apprehending the game and allowed us to have some good laughs!
Moreover, the organization as well as the course of the team building were perfect. To be recommended ;)

Jérôme Bulle - Data scientist - Tractebel

Very original and innovative! We had a great team building experience. The opportunity to reconnect with colleagues while having fun and sharing (remotely) the aperitif delivered the day before.
A good breath of fresh air in this context of forced homeworking.

Aimé Isabane - Business Manager - Syngenia

We had a fantastic experience using Coach in Genious team building games. It was very fun and was a great strategy game. 10/10. I would definitely play it again.

Aisling McGettigan

We had a fantastic experience using the Coach in Genious game.
This game is based on interaction with different types of players, where they have to work together.
A fun game to help build relationships between team members!

Carlos Nunes

Excellent Team-building managed by Christelle. The game is continuously developing and allows us to appreciate the changes with each new session. Nice complicity during the game with colleagues. I recommend

Pierre-Nicolas Dayhez - Syngenia

The team really enjoyed the game and had a great time. A virtual team building activity can remind the team of all the amazing people they have behind them.

Jinfeng Pan

The team building game was great. We had a great time.

Onur Celikaslan

Really nice moment with the team. Also very helpful was the coaching time at the end of the session. Everything went very well.

Michele Giuffrida - ING